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Annual General Meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists will be held on Friday 26th November, 2021 at 6:00p.m on Zoom. Attendees have been requested to register through the following Google Form by not later than Friday 26th November, Read more…

World Mental Health Day

Today, the world draws attention to the importance of mental health by marking the Mental Health Day. The theme of the day this year is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality”. Read more…

Medicinal Cannabis: Myth or Miracle?

Substance use is becoming more normalised, where society’s approach towards drug use is changing quite fast. This abruptness by which societal change takes place does not always ripple down into properly informed individuals. Professionals working with Read more…

Malta Chamber of Psychologists

The main objective of the Chamber is to act as a professional body for the discipline of psychology in Malta and as a representative body for psychologists practising in Malta. It also aims to advance the practice of psychology in Malta and to make psychology accessible to all.

Let us help you

The information found here is designed to help you learn about psychology, the work that psychologists do, and how to find a psychologist if you need support.

What is Psychology

Click here to find out more about psychology and what it can do to help you.

Standards and Guidelines

Helpful standards and guidlines for researchers, teachers and practitioners

Become a Psychologist

Understanding the path to become a Psychologist, from First degree to a Registered MPPB Psychologist

Science & Practice of Psychology

Why people do the things they do is an age-old question. However, psychology — the science concerned with behavior, in both human and nonhuman.
Ethics and Conduct

Ethics and Conduct

The Society's Code of Ethics and Conduct is designed to guide all members of the MCP in their day-to-day professional conduct.

Getting started

Getting started

But whatever level you're currently at in your education, the information on this website is designed to give you a taste of what to expect when studying psychology.

Career options in psychology

Career options in psychology

Whether you're new to the job market, or looking for a change of career, there are many options available to you in the field of psychology.

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