How do you become a warranted psychologist?

The path starts with the following:

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Two years experience in the field

Master of Psychology or Doctorate of Psychology

Work within the field under supervision

Apply for a warrant (MPPB) to become a registered psychologist

Following the successful completion of the first degree in Psychology, undergraduates are required to have experience in the field prior to embarking on any of the M.Psy programmes offered at the university of Malta. Entry requirements may be accessed here.

Some examples of the job opportunities that can be found locally are listed below: 

  1. Psychology Assistants with private entities
  2. Psychology Assistants within the education, health and foreign affairs ministries
  3. Learning Support Educators (LSE)
  4. Education Tutors
  5. Child Care Worker
  6. Social Mentor
  7. Human Resources Officer
  8. Recruitment Agencies
  9. Work within social services 
  10. Voluntary work 

The University of Malta offers Master in Psychology in the following fields: Clinical, Counselling, Education, Forensic, Health and Neuropsychology. The programs at the UOM are on full-time basis. Further information can be obtained through this link:

Graduate students may opt to complete their Master, Doctoral or PhD in Psychology at a foreign University. However, it is advisable that students consult with MQRIC (The Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre) and MPPB (Malta Psychology Profession Board) to ascertain that the chosen foreign course and qualification is recognized, and to enable students to be able to apply for and get a warrant to work in Malta.

Following the successful completion of the Master/Doctorate Degree, experience within the field under the supervision of a registered supervisor will be required. As a psychology practitioner, you would then be required to apply for the warrant in order to practice as a registered psychologist. Guidelines to MPPB criteria may be accessed here.