What is EuroPsy?

EuroPsy is a European Certification System for psychologists, established by the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA).

EuroPsy provides a uniform standard of professional competence and ethical conduct, accepted by the national psychologists associations of 37 countries (including all EU countries) that are members of EFPA.

EuroPsy is available in a growing number of countries, soon to include Malta.

Psychologists who meet the EuroPsy requirements regarding education and professional training and who subscribe to common ethical standards can apply for a EuroPsy Certificate with a national Awarding Committee in their country. Holders of a EuroPsy Certificate are entered in the EuroPsy Register.

Purpose of EuroPsy

Setting a common standard of competence, EuroPsy aims to:

  • Promote public knowledge about psychology and the availability of psychological services of guaranteed quality in Europe.
  • Facilitate the mobility of psychologists, students, and clients in Europe.
  • Promote the on-going development of the education of psychologists and the psychological profession in Europe.
  • Help clients to find a psychologist that is qualified, can be trusted and is competent in a certain field of practice.

EuroPsy Register

The EuroPsy Register contains the names and contact information of all psychologists with a valid EuroPsy certificate. The Register can be consulted via Internet. It can be used to search for psychologists in the main areas of practice and in certain specializations – currently Psychotherapy and Work & Organizational Psychology. 

Issuing of EuroPsy

EuroPsy is issued by National Awarding Committees with a mandate of the European Awarding Committee that was installed by EFPA. The basis for the EuroPsy certification is provided by the Regulations of EuroPsy, which are established by the General Assembly of EFPA with 2/3 majority.

EuroPsy for Psychologists 

Psychologists can find information about requirements, application, validity and renewal here.

EuroPsy for Clients

Clients can find information about psychologists by consulting the EuroPsy Register.