Substance use is becoming more normalised, where society’s approach towards drug use is changing quite fast. This abruptness by which societal change takes place does not always ripple down into properly informed individuals.

Professionals working with people who are experiencing social and psychological difficulties are meeting persons who harbour a firm belief that medicinal cannabis will cure all their pains and ills.

OASI is collaborating with the Malta Chamber of Psychologists and the Malta Association of Social Workers to organise an online conference addressing the challenges caring professions are facing when it comes to medicinal cannabis. This conference is titled: “Medicinal Cannabis… Myth or Miracle?”.

The conference will be held on Friday 24th September at 11:00am.

This lecture aims at equipping front-line professionals, such as psychologists and social workers, with scientific information on the truth of medicinal cannabis.

The main speaker will be Dr. Aloisia Camilleri, who is an addiction consultant psychiatrist.

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