The Malta Chamber of Psychologists today issued a press release expressing their grave concerns and utter heartbreak over the tragic and mysterious death of a young child. We are in no position to draw any conclusions or form judgement and will refrain from doing so until the investigations and inquiries themselves are finalised. We do however urge this tragedy to be a wake-up call to all members of our community, from the average man in the street to the highest of authorities. This is call for serious reflection, and we must as a nation take serious account of how this atrocity was allowed to happen in our country. We need to reflect on the level and quality of care we are offering vulnerable immigrants who reach our shores. We need to reflect on the resources and support we are offering our professionals in their quest to care for the vulnerable. We need to ask ourselves why our system seems to be failing children like Victoria and what we could have all done to possibly prevent her death.

We as MCP appeal to society and authorities to be more generous with time and resources, be they monetary or others and to take time out of our busy lives to care for those in less privileged situations. We urge authorities and society at large to make sure that the systems in place, which are supposed to be preventing such cases from happening are well supported, well financed and well functioning.

We cannot afford to be passive in times like these. MCP offers their heartfelt condolences to her family whilst also offering any support possible in assessing and evaluating the current structures which lead to this tragedy.

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