Further to discourse on public television last Friday 1st March 2019, The Malta Chamber of Psychologists (MCP) would like to stress once again that homosexuality is not a pathology, mental anomaly nor psychological disorder, which deems any form of transformation or curing. Contrary to what was said, we would also like to assert that scientific research does in fact indicate genetic and brain-based origins of homosexuality, varied gender and sexual orientations – even as early as neonatal foetal development (Swaab et. Al, 2008; Witelsonet. Al, 2007; Bao & Swaab, 2010; Kinnunen, Moltzet. Al, 2004; Schlaepfer, Harris et. al, 1994) – and therefore we – as a body of scientific professionals – further confirm that LGBTIQ persons should not be made to believe that they can change their orientation; albeit being that they are nonetheless free to live and enjoy which ever form of sexual or asexual relationships they choose in their lives, without prejudice.

People do not fit into neat dichotomies, and human nature is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon. As a professional body, we once again promote respect and equality for all persons, including persons of any spiritual (religious or secular), sexual, or cultural orientation. We further reiterate that evidence shows that spirituality is an integral dimension of one’s wellbeing (Exline, 2002; Koenig, 2004; Paloutzian, Bufford& Wildman, 2014; Pargament 2007; Psaila 2014).We also appeal to the general public to accept people for who they are, and to adopt an inclusive attitude towards their children and the rest of the community at large, regardless of their colour, shape, preferences, nature, choices, abilities or beliefs.

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