The Malta Federation of Professional Associations, which groups together a number of professional organisations, expressed its concerned about the impact that mass events (political, secular and religious) are having on the number of Covid-19 cases in Malta.

The MFPA said that although resuming economical activities is important for the country, authorities must ensure the balance between the health of the nation and the economy.

Opening up for tourism is not the same thing as promoting mass events, it said. It is crucial to implement policies through an evidence-based approach, and to value what professionals are saying. An increase in cases will definitely not help destination management companies, the tourist industry and the government itself to promote our country as a safe destination.

In particular, the organisation said that Malta should not be hosting mass events that were cancelled in other countries, merely to attract more tourists. “We appeal for a sensible approach so that we can protect other segments within the tourism industry, which ensure a more constant support to our economy. Should the infection rate go out of control, the whole of the economy will suffer once again. We cannot jeopardise everyone’s sacrifices, especially those of front liners, earlier this year for a very small sector of the economy.”

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