Members contribution: Dr Paul Attard-Baldacchino is a member of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists and an Educational Psychologist working with Surrey Council Educational Psychology Services, United Kingdom. 

Covid 19 – Are you feeling anxious and worried?

Rising to the challenge of Covid19 is no easy task. Whether you are a child or young person, a parent or carer, or a professional – the chances of experiencing anxiety or an unusually high level of worry are far from low. Understanding how to best cope with anxiety is always beneficial, particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed by the changes brought forward in recent weeks. The information provided in this post includes useful suggestions on coping with worry and anxiety in relation to Covid19. It has been adapted to respond to the needs of different groups including children and young persons, parents and carers, as well as professionals. Links to further reading and resources are also available in each section. 

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